GRADUATE Research Associate in Advanced NanoMagnetic Imaging

January 2014

Graduate research associate position is available starting immediately to participate in construction and use of advanced low-temperature optical magnetometer based on nitrogen - vacancy centers in diamonds (NV centers). This is a full PhD project in Physics, Chemistry or Engineering, depending on the home Department. The project involves construction of the device, setting up data acquisition hard- and soft- ware and, ultimately, operation of the device to measure magnetic properties of nano- and meso- scale magnetic systems, such as magnetic nanoparticles and nanoislands, magneto – tactic bacteria, bio-inspired nanomaterials and superconductors. The measurements will be compared with other magnetic field mapping techniques, such as magnetic – force microscope, spin – polarized STM and scanning SQUID.


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  • D. Le Sage et al., “Optical magnetic imaging of living cells”,
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Prof. Ruslan Prozorov (see AmesLab page and personal page)
office: A119 Zaffarano
phone: 515-294-9901
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