Postdoctoral Researcher: NV - centers in diamond Optical Magnetometry

January 2014

Applications are invited for an experimental postdoctoral position to develop, construct and use magnetic imaging system based on the NV-centers in diamond. The primary responsibility of the applicant will be the design and build a scanning probe instrument capable of measuring individual magnetic nanoparticles, magnetic and superconducting nanoislands, bioinspired nanocomposites and related materials. The microscope will be based on the new Attocube low-temperature confocal microscopy mainframe. The research involves the use of complimentary characterization techniques to establish proper calibration procedures. The applicant should have experience in one or more of the following: confocal microscopy, laser optical spectroscopies, scanning MFM, SQUID, STS and/or electron holography. The successful application must be supported by peer – reviewed publications, demonstrate practical knowledge of laser – based optics and scanning techniques, familiarity with the physics of NV-centers in diamonds and general hands-on knowledge of laboratory electronics, LabView programming as well as signal and image processing. To apply send a CV, a list of publications, names of three references and a statement of research experience to Prof. Ruslan Prozorov by e-mail at


  • J. M. Taylor et al., “High-sensitivity diamond magnetometer with nanoscale resolution”,
    Nature Physics 4, 810 - 816 (2008). doi:10.1038/nnano.2012.50
  • P. Maletinsky et al., “A robust scanning diamond sensor for nanoscale imaging with single nitrogen-vacancy centres”,
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  • D. Le Sage et al., “Optical magnetic imaging of living cells”,
    Nature 496, 486 – 489 (2013). doi:10.1038/nature12072
Prof. Ruslan Prozorov (see AmesLab page and personal page)
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